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Find out about our Imagine Yourself Slim Courses and how we can help you become motivated to become slimmer, happier and healthy!

All our successful courses last for 6 weeks, with one hour sessions each week. You will be taught how to break your eating habits, and assist you in empowering yourself to change and working on a new perspective… and take your first step to a slimmer, calmer, happier, and healthier life!

The courses are all about retraining our mind and body to start eating only when hungry rather than tired or stressed. We will be working with the hunger scale, focusing on slowing you’re eating down and chewing your food, and tuning into that feeling of being full to enable you to stop eating.

We will be filling out a diary of everything that we eat and drink, making us more aware of our patterns and habits to allow us to enable change.

You will be taught how to control your feelings towards food allowing you to put the cravings behind you, working with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, the tapping technique) to assist you in overcoming those confusing times when you feel like reaching out for food and you are not hungry.


Other areas we will be work with:

We will also discuss healthy eating and different food groups. How to effectively and easily find that motivation to exercise, the benefits of water, the extremes of dieting, emotional eating and how you can be happy with yourself and maximise your motivation.

We will be spending time understanding and working with stress, which is often a great cause for people to reach out for food when not hungry. We will discuss what is your vice? Alcohol? Caffeine? Smoking? Drugs? Your body will be re-programmed to a more natural way of eating and we will be learning self-hypnosis to assist in relaxing our bodies more.

With this weight loss programme you can be as sceptical as you like and still lose weight. The answer lies not in the diet but in changing our response to signals from the brain, known as behaviour modification.

On the course you will learn the keys to accomplishing what seems impossible: LOSING WEIGHT AND KEEPING IT OFF!


Skype IYS. croppedjpgImagine Yourself Slim via Skype

Kate also teaches her Imagine Yourself Slim Weight Loss programme via Skype. She has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of clients who prefer to have the Imagine Yourself Slim course appointments in the comfort of their own homes rather than making their way to my therapy centre.

They all say that they find the weekly appointments using Skype to be a positive inspiring experience.


Refresher Courses

Kate also holds refresher courses for as and when you feel the need for back up support.
What we cover on the refresher courses:
Rebooting our minds of all the major subjects covered on the course, incorporating the 3 key points to stopping overeating:
• Eat only when we are hungry.
• Focused eating.
• Stop when we are moderately full.

Discuss what areas we are not finding completely easy and work with this and continue to focus on control of our feelings towards food allowing us to put our cravings behind us

You to can achieve your desired goal

Below is what you too can achieve with our help… us now with any questions you may have.

Tracy sw cropped 1Tracy sw2.jcropped pg“I have been searching for help for over 20 years, and working with Kate at Imagine Yourself Slim has been the answer for me. The information I learnt on the 6 week course had a profound impact on me and has helped me magnificently. Kate is a very caring and works from her heart.” Sl from Richmond

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