Q/ How long is the Imagine Yourself Slim course?

A/ The course is over a 6 week period for an hour.

Q/ Could I come and see you individually rather than in a group session?

A/ Yes, I do either one to one appointments or with a group with a maximum of 6 clients.

Q/ How is this course different from other weight loss courses?

A/ This is a weight loss course without dieting! Imagine becoming slimmer without having to deprive yourself of all of your favourite foods, we will not be counting calories and weighing ourselves constantly, this course is a complete and hugely positive life changing experience.

The course is all about tuning into that feeling of being hungry and only eating when you are hungry, focus on what you are eating, eating slowly, chewing your food even enjoying the experience and tuning into that feeling of moderate fullness and learn how to stop eating, leaving food on your plate.

Emotional Freedom Technique Q/ What will I learn on the course?

A/ Each week I teach different techniques like Self Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT also know as the tapping technique) for my clients to use to assist them in moving towards their ultimate goal of becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier.

Q/ Do I have to exercise to lose weight?

A/ No, you do not have to exercise to lose weight but as you move your body more than you already do this will increase your weight loss, why would you want to slow down the fantastic experience of becoming slimmer sooner?

Q/ Do I have to drink a lot of water on the program?Imagine yourself slim course water

A/ Yes. Water intake is very important to prevent dehydration. The recommended daily amount of water per day to drink it 6-8 8oz glasses and more if moving your body more.

Q/ Will I have to weigh in every week?

A/ Absolutely not, all the scales have taught us is to become obsessed about our weight, supported our belief that losing weight is difficult and made you miserable….what it hasn’t done is to inspire you.

Q/ Will I learn how to eat healthily?

A/ Yes we will be discussing all about the healthy foods you should be eating and take us forward in emptying our fridge and freezer of all the processed foods! A healthy, balanced diet provides nutrients to your body. Nutrients give you energy and keep your heart beating, your brain active, and your muscles working. Nutrients help build and strengthen bones, muscles, and tendons and also regulate body processes, such as blood pressure.

Q/ Is sleep important to weight loss?

A/ Getting a few more hours sleep each night will not automatically result in weight loss; however, if you are not getting enough sleep, it may be slowing down your weight loss journey. Recent research suggests that hunger hormones get out of sync when you are sleep deprived and a good night’s rest can get them back on track. Sleeping at least seven hours per night can get your hunger hormones functioning properly and help you feel more energetic during the day.



Q/ Is this approach a type of diet?

NO DIETA/ A diet is basically a list of things you can and can’t eat. These sorts of regimes are hard to stick to, because it’s hard to follow someone else’s rules. They don’t take into account anything about your life. This six week programme is completely focused on your lifestyle, so it is easy to stick to.

Q/ Will this programme allow me to lose weight without feeling deprived?

A/ No one wants to be miserable for the rest of their life. If your weight loss programme makes you feel deprived, you won’t stick to it. You have to be able to enjoy life (which means things like eating out at restaurants, and going on holiday).

What this means is that you CANNOT have a weight loss regime that is unpleasant. This isn’t some wishful thinking, this is a crucial ingredient for success.

Q/ So if I am interested and want to find out more about the programme, what should I do next?

A/ The next step if you want to find out more is to call or email me from the details below.

I like to speak to every client who books the six week programme by phone before the appointment.

Before we begin the programme you will be sent:
1. A comprehensive assessment questionnaire.
2. A food diary form.

When we meet at the clinic, I will have reviewed the information you’ve given me, but also want to find out more details about you, your weight history, as well as determine your eating patterns based on your food diary. We will then begin to focus on the steps specifically to help you to become slimmer, fitter and healthier.

This weight loss course is NOT a diet, as I have mentioned before, but a new way of life and when incorporated into everyday life, its skills and tools will enable you to make healthy life changes and stick to them for the rest of your life.

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