Find out what our clients have achieved by taking the unique Imagine Yourself Slim courses:


Weight loss trainer“Kate gave me very special help – Before seeing her I had been defeated by my weight since childhood with the result that I felt miserable about my size and shape. Kate totally understood my difficulties and changed my approach. Her help, kindness and guidance gave me the strategies and techniques to conquer that over whelming feeling that losing weight was beyond my control. The course was a life changing experience. I hope she realises how very grateful I am.” GW from Richmond.



“I have been searching for help for over 20 years, and working with Kate at Imagine Yourself Slim has been the answer for me. The information I learnt on the 6 week course had a profound impact on me and has helped me magnificently. Kate is a very caring and works from her heart.” Sl from Richmond


“I am very pleased with my results so far I have lost lots of weight and on track for my end goal of looking and feeling slimmer. I was a little dubious about using Skype but after the first meeting, it was such fun and I really enjoyed the experience AND lost weight!” Madeline from Florida.


“Motivating, inspiring, confidence building .. it works! Thanks Kate”. Julie from Hampton.


“This is absolutely the easiest way to lose weight I have ever been on. I feel fabulous and so glad I found Imagine Yourself Slim.” Sally Ann from Sunbury


“I loved the course, couldn’t have been more fun. Always a laugh to share and lose weight at the same time.” John in W1


“I have gone down a size I am starting to fit into my skinner clothes. This is the eastest weight loss course I have been on. I am only eating when I am hungry and I feel just fabulous!! I am so grateful that I have found Imagine Yourself Slim. I am so excited to continue with my whole new way of life and continue losing weight. Thanks Kate for all your support.”  PC in Ashford


“A truly amazing experience, I cannot thank Kate enough for showing me a therapy that really works in such a wonderful way. I will never forget all that I learnt throughout my sessions with Kate. It was such great fun and I loved every minute. I feel like I am now on the right road to where I want to go in my life.” Andrea Richmond