Weight loss is big business worldwide, with a host of diet pills, fad diets and slimming shakes coming onto the market on an almost daily basis. The very fact that these do not work long term for weight loss is what makes them so lucrative, as people have to constantly go back for more to see any kind of result. These wonder diet pills and slimming products are what are known as quick fixes. Pills and meal replacements will only help you so far in shifting the weight, and they are not designed to actually keep the weight off, or carry you toward a new healthy lifestyle. Very few of these weight loss products are actually scientifically proven, and some are actually down right dangerous if not used correctly, or if used for too long.
One of the best ways to get the weight off and keep it off is through hypnosis, on the Imagine Yourself Slim courses Kate will be teaching you self hypnosis for you to use to assist you in achieving your goals but alternatively she provides a course of hypnotherapy sessions which are designed specifically for your individual weight loss goals. I find this is also a fantastic way to change the ingrained patterns in your psych that sabotage your weight loss in the first place.

I would be be working with you with a long term goal of changing thoughts and behaviour surrounding food, building and supporting long lasting changes for a completely new you.
A new you is what you should be looking to, rather than yo-yo dieting with slimming aids that never seem to get you out of the rut forever. Slimming shakes for example may help you fit into a tighter dress for a party, but they will not enable a healthy and steady weight loss that you will be able to maintain. I aim to work on long term weight loss so that you will never have to diet or worry about your weight again.