Tips on becoming slimmer

Recognise Real Hunger

Hunger is the only good reason for eating. Most overweight people have got into the habit of eating when they are not hungry. Slim people eat based on how hungry they feel before a meal. Many people have forgotten how to eat when they’re hungry. Most diets tell you to ignore pleasure and ignore hunger and they also tell you when/how much and exactly what to eat.

To begin to tune into the feeling of being hungry so that you can begin to eat and stop on the basis of the reality you experience from within. Learn to get in touch with your bodily feelings and listen to them for signals of hunger.

The Hunger Scale Find out how hungry you really are by using the Hunger Scale

Ask yourself before you eat – “How hungry am I on the scale of 1-10?”

Take a look at the chart and if 1 was when you were absolutely starving and 10 was when you were extremely full.

If you register 4/5/6 you’re probably quite hungry so it’s time to eat.

Tuning in and If your score is below this then you are probably very hungry so be very careful what you eat and be aware of how quickly you are eating.

Or maybe If your score is 7 or above you are probably feeling full so find something else to do. Ask yourself: “What is it I really want?” This is a very important key to becoming slimmer. As if these feelings are not addressed then they will always be there. What people often find is that the emotional eating pattern will progressively continue.

Focus on what you are eating and enjoy every bite.

When you eat you release a happy chemical called serotonin.

If this is the case:

Its time to practice eating slowly, enjoy every mouth full.

Chew the food 10 more times than you usually do.

Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls.

Focus on what you are eating, being aware of all of the fantastic smells,flavours and tastes.

Learn to stop eating when you are moderately full.

If you eat really fast, you can’t hear the message from your tummy that says that you are moderately full, so you eat past that,

If this is your pattern its time to really focus on this feeling of being moderately full and learn to stop eating. Leave food on your plate. Focus on your goal of becoming  slimmer, fitter and healthier.

On this amazing Imagine Yourself Slim course you will be given the tools and skills to be able to create these new habits and patterns in your life. By changing your old triggers and negative behaviours around food you really can achieve that dream of  slimmer.