IMAGINE….  never waking up on a Monday morning with a long list of what you can and cant eat and a strict diet plan…. or even better never having to go on a diet again….wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Well, the answer is here for you:  Our Imagine Yourself Slim weight loss courses offer you a final solution for sensible long- term weight loss management.

So are you ready to take your first very important steps towards becoming happy with your own body without dieting or calorie counting?


On this fantastic Imagine Yourself Slim 6 week course you will find out how to choose the foods your body really needs. But more importantly, how to eat when you are hungry rather than just tired or stressed.

In just six weeks, you’ll learn everything you need to know to lose weight steadily and healthily. Plus teaching you how to stop over eating, control cravings and feel totally motivated to take exercise.

What you will learn:

It is not about dieting and counting calories it is all about changing your whole outlook on life. Addressing the real reasons why you are reaching out for food when you know you are not hungry. It’s about relearning to eat only when you are hungry, attuning into the feeling of being full and learning to stop eating. This is a hugely beneficial route to help you to change your whole lifestyle around food.

Within this course we will be incorporating hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and also EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Plus you’ll also pick up tips on how to enjoy a more active lifestyle by introducing easy exercise into everyday life. Therefore helping you to become empowered to make your own food and lifestyle choices.


The course is taught on a one to one basis and also in group sessions.

It lasts 6 weeks, with one hour sessions each week. You will be taught how to break your eating habits, assisting you in empowering yourself to change. We will also be working on a new perspective… and guiding you to take your first step to a slimmer, calmer, happier, and healthier life!

This is an empowering life changing programme.



This is absolutely the easiest way to lose weight I have ever been on. I feel fabulous and so glad I found Imagine Yourself Slim.” Sally Ann from Sunbury